2023 - Did I do what I set out to do?

female owned business mom in business mompreneur motivation self care Dec 26, 2023

“Does your business support the life you are trying to create?”  

This was the first thing I posted in 2023. I was set for a big business year and I was ready to help others do the same. Here we are in December and I’m doubling down on this same question. It has not been an easy year. The ticks in the “L” column definitely exceed the number of wins. There has been a lot of yelling, plenty of self doubt and moments where I was ready to burn it all down. You know- the things we don’t talk about in business. Nobody mentions the struggles. Just scroll your feed for a few seconds. How much do you see people talking about their success, how wonderful it’s been, the money they made and growth they experienced? Do you notice anyone talking about what didn’t happen?

This is not a “Debbie downer” post, just my reality. Entrepreneurship is hard. Some years the lessons outweigh the dollars. And that’s okay. Through the tears and frustration, I continue to show up - for my patients, my employees, my family, and MYSELF. I refuse to compromise on my values, and I continually re-commit to my why. Too many women are under-served, under-educated and misled to believe that there is no help. They don’t know that they too can make changes to support their health and well-being. They don’t have the tools to create a life of self-love and compassion. And so many colleagues in my profession are struggling to find the job that allows them to do what they love without burnout.

As 2023 comes to an end, I will savor the lessons learned. And as the new year begins,  I promise that I will show up for myself because showing up for me also means showing up for you. Leading by example. Doing the work so that you can see it’s possible for you too. And not sugar-coating it because that would be inauthentic. I will continue to build the business and the life I desire, stay true to myself and still share some words of wisdom along the way.

Here’s to a happy, joy-filled, meaningful and adventurous new year!

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