Business Coach = Business Growth

Sep 18, 2023

Before I dive too deep, I want to start with a disclaimer - this is NOT a sales pitch for business coaching. Just a testimonial from someone who, as a business owner, has committed to years of coaching. I know it’s expensive. I know it takes time away from other things - and we really value our time - but I just think this is so important for biz owners to understand. When you own a business, you 100% need someone who can help you through the highs and lows. Investing in the right coach will do wonders for your business. Whether you own a business or are thinking of starting one, pay attention and read on!

I had my weekly call with my business coach today. Our relationship has grown in the last year and I’m so grateful to have her on my team. In fact, I met her when she did a training call for my network marketing business and I initially hired her to help me grow there. What I learned in that year was that the principles she taught were applicable to my physical therapy business as well. And so I started testing the waters. I took what she taught me about growing one business and successfully applied it to the other. I am not sure why I thought it would be different. Recognizing that she has systems that work for me was the key. It only made sense that I would ask her to help with Catalyst as well. 

The last few weeks have been a deep dive into my PT practice from systems, to finances, HR and marketing. We’ve touched on all of it in one way or another. She meets me where I’m at. She knows how to push without making me travel too far outside my comfort zone. I can get help with the business itself or just managing my mindset. 

Wondering how she helps me?

  1. She points out my blind spots. You know, those areas you don’t always recognize as problems or things requiring help. By showing me the things that I cannot see myself, I’m able to solve problems differently and work proactively.
  2. She helps me become a better leader. I value company culture and building a place people feel they are heard and that they belong. Coaching allows me to grow, so that I can focus on my team and how they can work smarter.
  3. She teaches me the right things to say and exactly how to say them. 
  4. She coaches me on the best questions to ask of my current staff AND potential employees. Part of a strong culture is having the right people in place, and this is a skill that takes much refining.
  5. She knows exactly what my marketing plan should look like. It’s not just social media.
  6. She gives me unconditional support, even when challenging me to do the hard things.

Since I doubled down on my coaching, I have become super clear in my messaging, my staff communication has improved, everyone is on the right seat on the bus, and my business had its best month in a year. I can feel the momentum shifting in the right direction. 

Whether it’s to grow / scale your business, improve your culture, organize your “mess” or just manage your own thoughts and feelings about business, I highly recommend hiring a coach. The perfect coach is out there for everyone! If you’d like information on my coach and how I found her, I’m happy to share that too!

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