I'm Not a Quitter

female owned business mom in business mompreneur motivation self care self help Jun 08, 2023

I am not a quitter.

Maybe that seems a bit obvious, but I feel like it’s worth saying. In a world where it’s so easy to quit or give up or move on to the next great thing, I am choosing to stay the course, and do the hard things. So many people today decide that when the going gets tough, it’s okay to pack it up and move along.

Not me.

You know when kids are little and they want to try something new, like baseball or art class, and you pay for a full season and then after 2 days they decide that’s it? As a parent, do you let them stop? Or do you teach them that they stick it out, honor the commitment and then if they decide it’s better, try something else next season? I’ve always been an “honor the commitment” sort of person, because that builds resilience and grit, two qualities that are of utmost importance in business and life.

So that brings me back to me. If I am going to ask my children to honor their commitments, it should go without saying that I would place the same expectations on myself. However, it goes one step further. I like to do the hard things. I thrive on challenge. In fact, status quo is boring to me.

That doesn’t mean it’s not scary. I mean, it’s HARD! Business is not a continual slope in the upward direction, it’s more like the biggest roller coaster at Six Flags. How do I keep going when things get tough? If I’m being completely honest, first I have a good cry. I unload on a trusted person (usually my husband or business coach). This lets me get out the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm without making emotionally-based decisions. Next, I breathe. The last 2 years I have learned that intentional breathing and mindfulness are tools that help me stay grounded. Then, I get to work. What is working? Not working? What can I do differently? Sometimes this involves more thinking and journaling / brainstorming than actual execution. Action without a plan results in more of the same.

That also doesn’t mean it’s easy. Yes, I can do the things but managing mindset is a HUGE obstacle for me! Checking tasks off a list is simple. Staying the course is a whole other story. But like I said at the start of this post, I am not a quitter. And most importantly, I don’t quit on myself.


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