"WHY" Does it Matter?

female owned business mom in business mompreneur motivation Jul 18, 2023

The first thing any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur is asked is, “What is your why?” Most of the time, your why relates to one of two things: the desire to be your own boss, and/or the desire to meet a need in the world by serving others and the community.

My why is simple: I want to live a life where money is not a barrier

  • I want to be able to work as much as I want without the stress of income
  • I want flexibility in my day
  • I want my children to have what they need, and a lot of what they “want”
  • I want to be present with my family
  • I want to travel and experience the world

When money is not a barrier, all of these things are possible for me at any given time.

It’s ok to want and desire this in life! You should never feel guilty because you have personal goals and dreams that motivate you.

And honestly, this is what gets me out of bed every day. What gets you out of bed and motivated?

On the other hand, a why can also relate to a need to serve a greater purpose. Simon Sinek calls this a “just cause.” What legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you intend to make the world a better place?

For me it’s about women. I want to create a brand that celebrates women. Where they can grow, thrive, collaborate, share, laugh, cry, and most importantly, feel accepted and supported no matter where they are in their journey. That includes physical health, emotional health, meeting her life goals and creating community. Something that will continue long after I’m gone. Women knowing they are loved and supported and that they matter.

My just cause is what keeps me going. What keeps you going?

In order to thrive in business you need both! Something that gets you going and something that helps you stay the course. And whatever that is for you, write it down. Share it. Celebrate it. Make it your reality!


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